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Shipping and Returns Policy

We are doing our very best to keep up with the high demand of seedling orders during this Covid-19 pandemic.  To do so, we are shipping orders Monday through Thursday.  Plants are shipped via USPS priority mail and will arrive within 1-3 business days. You will receive email notification with tracking numbers when your package has shipped. 

Shipping and Handling Costs are as follows:

  • 0-12 seedlings – $15

  • 13-36 seedlings – $21

  • 37-48 seedlings – $33

Please note that our Shipping and Handling costs have increased as the weather has gotten warmer, and the Post Office has had increased delays due to COVID-19. This increase is to ensure that your plants arrive safely and healthy!

Your seedlings will have been in the dark for one to three days.   We cannot be responsible for plants that do not survive should they be left in a mailbox without light, water, or in severe heat or cold for too long.  They will be thirsty and craving sunlight after their journey in the dark, so it is important that you watch the tracking of your package and retrieve your package in a timely manner.  Please email a picture immediately if you notice any damage or any other issues that may occur with packaging inside the box where your seedlings have been traveling.  We want only the greatest success for your growing experience and hope that you do too.  So, please check your mail on time when your package is due to arrive and let us know immediately should you have any concerns.  Let's work together to ensure a healthy and happy plant. 

Should you have any problems with seedlings surviving in the first 48 hours, please email us a photo immediately to make us aware.  Should you have any buggy issues within the first 14 days, please email us a photo of that as well.  It is our goal to create a joyful farming experience for you, so we want to be made aware of any issues that may have come from our farm and make it right!  Let's always communicate to get to the root of any problem and get you on your way to a fun and stress-free gardening adventure!

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