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We are a small, five-acre hobby farm utilizing state-of-the-art technology known as the Tower Garden to grow our own food. We specialize in both outdoor and indoor hydroponic seedlings grown in Rockwool, starting with Non-GMO seeds and grown with organic methods. We pride ourselves in offering a large selection of seedlings, grown specifically for what will grow best in YOUR tower, whether you're growing indoors on lights, or outdoors in the sunshine.



Here at Oak Creek Farm, we facilitate sustainable farming.  We started doing so ourselves five years ago when we moved our family to five acres in beautiful Temecula Wine Country in sunny Southern California.  I have to admit, it has been quite the adventure full of ups and downs and many surprises along the way.  But at the end of the day, we always find joy and gratitude in it all.  We moved here with big plans.  I had grown up not too far away in a rural location, and I will certainly be the first one to say that I hightailed it out of that lifestyle as soon as I was able.  But by the time I was raising my youngest child in a line of three, I had decided that that kind of lifestyle was just what the doctor ordered.  You see, I had been inspired.  I had been collecting these awesome hydroponic towers like one collects shoes, and I was showing potential in farming hydroponically.  I found that these towers were like potato chips!  I couldn't have just one.  I kept adding and adding one after another.  When we moved to our five acres, I had 14 hydroponic towers and was specializing in hydroponic seedlings. We were so excited to have land that we celebrated by getting four chickens!!!  Next thing I know, we have two bottle lambs living in the kitchen (because why would you make sure you had enclosures in place before you said yes to bottle lambs).  I figured I was really on a roll then and becoming quite the expert so why not add 46 more chickens, four awesome Kune Kune pigs and a handful of ducks while I was at it? Since I figured I had the animal part of the farm down, we got serious about our food production!  We became a small commercial hydroponic farm and became legit with our nursery seedling stock license.  We also planted an orchard, but we shall not discuss that because I am still angry with the gophers!  


When we made this move, I truly did have my reservations.  There are days and events (like two broken legs at once and a full house remediation) that make me ask myself and my husband "What the heck are we doing?"  But as the days, months and years carry on, we realize this is where we belong; this is our happy place.  



We now currently have, when all running, 35 hydroponic towers, enough chickens to keep our egg basket overflowing with beautifully colored eggs, four stubborn Kune Kune pigs who love belly rubs, two sheep who love their sheep shenanigans, four silly goats who love to stand on the tallest point in the yard, two straggler ducks, barn cats galore, enough dogs to make us all happy and a newly planted orchard!  And our journey in sustainable farming continues.

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