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Here at Oak Creek Farm, we are on a mission to nurture a sustainable future through modern farming practices! Founded over a decade ago as a small urban hobby farm, we've grown into a thriving farm maintenance service company that extends our joy and love for farming throughout all of Southern California. It is our passion to help others grow food successfully, and provide fresh, nutritious produce to the larger community. Partnering with LA Urban Farms has enabled us to make a positive impact, providing produce to veterans, homeless shelters, and communities in need. We also offer premium hydroponic seedlings, ready to be placed in your own at home garden!


Picture a quaint, five-acre hobby farm nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Temecula Wine Country. This is where it all started 10 years ago, as we embraced the state-of-the-art technology called Tower Gardens to grow our own food. It all started with a deep love for the joy of hydroponic farming, and an unyielding desire to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

What began as a few hydroponic towers and a handful of animals soon blossomed into something extraordinary. My husband, Joel, and I had caught the farming bug, and it led us to expand beyond our wildest dreams. The hydroponic gardens, and our number of animals, multiplied like a joyful forest, and our seedlings thrived under our careful watch. We even began to share our seedlings with all of you, selling and shipping seedlings from 2016 through 2021!

Our journey wasn't always smooth sailing. Along the way, we encountered our fair share of ups and downs, but that's what made us grow stronger and wiser. We learned from every experience and embraced the joy and gratitude that farming brought into our lives.


Today, Oak Creek Farm stands as a symbol of hope, sustainability, and growth. We've expanded our services to expertly maintain gardens for businesses and institutions, ensuring access to nutrient dense produce, even in urban city locations. Our dedication to organic practices, Non-GMO seeds, and custom crop design remains unwavering, as does our commitment to making the world a greener and more abundant place.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey towards a sustainable future. Whether you're looking to create your hydroponic haven, partner with us for maintenance services, or embrace the joy of growing your own food, Oak Creek Farm is your steadfast ally. Let's cultivate goodness together and sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow!

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